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A business environment update and a note on work permits and visas

Need a business visa or work permit for China? We’ve got bad news for you, unfortunately. We’re also seeing new Chinese policies on investment around the foreign investment negative list. For this and more, we get the latest this week...

/ March 24, 2020

Negotiations update and legislation on China’s business environment

Has there been any progress towards a trade deal? This week, we chat with Lipei Zhang, USCBC’s Deputy Director in Beijing. First we get the latest on US-China negotiations and then we turn to some legislative updates from China on...

/ November 18, 2019

Tariffs, the social credit system, and local environmental enforcement

This week has been busy! Today, a somewhat longer than usual download from Owen Haacke, our Shanghai head. On the docket are the latest tariffs, updates on the social credit score system, provincial updates, new info on local environmental enforcement,...

/ September 3, 2019

Details from the last negotiations and measures on the domestic business environment

This week, we talk with Lipei Zhang, USCBC’s Deputy Director in Beijing. First up, some on-the-ground details from the trade negotiations that went sour in Shanghai two weeks ago. After that, we talk about new measures aimed at improving the...

/ August 12, 2019

The domestic business environment and a look forward to CIIE

"This year, the [CIIE] exhibition space has been increased to more than 300,000 square meters and it creates a platform for companies to launch their new products, technologies, and services."

/ July 30, 2019

NDRC’s business environment regulations, Zhong Shan, and unreliable entities list

This week, we’re catching the latest from Beijing, but from someone new! As our VP for China Operations Jake Parker is headed stateside, we have Lipei Zhang, USCBC’s Deputy Director in Beijing on the line. First, we talk the NDRC’s...

/ July 17, 2019

A shifting media environment, China’s trade retaliation, and Huawei implications

This week we catch up with Jake Parker, our head of operations in Beijing. Three main topics on the table; a negative change in tone in Chinese state media, Beijing’s response to the new list of tariffs on $300 billion...

/ May 20, 2019

Business environment in China, potential presidential meeting, NPC amendments, and the Belt and Road Forum

This week we sit down with USCBC’s Shanghai chief Owen Haacke to talk about a range of issues. First up, some details on the business environment and USCBC’s engagement with provincial governments. Next up is the potential of a Trump-Xi...

/ April 29, 2019

Podcast: USCBC meets with Zhejiang Governor, environmental enforcement, and the China Development Forum

This week, we catch up with Owen Haacke, our Chief Representative in Shanghai. The US-China Business Council led a delegation of its member companies to meet with the Governor of Zhejiang Province, Yuan Jiajun. Environmental enforcement has also been a...

/ April 19, 2019

LGBTQ+ in the Chinese Workplace: Fostering an Inclusive Environment

As awareness of LGBTQ+ issues in China rises, employers are facing newfound scrutiny over their treatment of sexual minorities. Employers have the opportunity to establish safe work environments for LGBTQ+ employees, and become leaders in China’s changing social climate. Doing...

/ August 23, 2017