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Exporting to China: Not for the Faint of Heart

Exporting to China can be an uphill battle for US small businesses, but many are succeeding with patience and the right partners. By Christina Nelson When Michael Strange sent an order of ice cream to China more than six years...

/ August 19, 2014

Bilateral Investment Treaties: What They Are and Why They Matter

By Stephanie Henry The United States and China—the world’s two largest economies—agreed at the 2013 Strategic and Economic Dialogue to restart negotiations on a bilateral investment treaty (BIT). But what are bilateral investment treaties (BIT)? Why do we need them?...

/ July 29, 2014

Internet Finance in China: Will it Disrupt Traditional Banking?

By Ana Swanson Like many businesses the world over, investment in China has gone mobile. Just ask Yang Ren Jun, a 26-year-old translator and interpreter in Shanghai. Yang initially invested ¥3,000 ($483) in a new online investment service called Yu’e...

/ July 21, 2014

US Treasury Secretary ‘Optimistic’ on Upcoming S&ED Talks

By Elise Pietro and Andrew Gong Updated 9:50 am, 7/08/2014 Saying that China should focus on “actually opening markets,” US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew discussed China’s economic reforms, a US-China bilateral investment treaty (BIT), cybersecurity, and other issues central to...

/ July 7, 2014

China’s Cap-and-Trade Plan

As the Xi administration pushes for energy sector reform, US firms ask what role they will play in China’s long-term climate policy. By Gabriel Nelson As China’s central government grapples with the looming impact of climate change and other environmental...

/ July 2, 2014

2014 International Modern Agricultural Expo

Organizer: HNZ Media Location: Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center Date: June 18-20, 2014 Web: Contact:  Mr. Zhang Email: [email protected] Phone: +86-21-61851816  

/ June 18, 2014

Hunan (Shanghai) Investment and Trade Conference Week 2014

Organizer: Hunan Provincial Government Location: Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao Date: June 17-18, 2014 Website: Contact: Ms. Chen Li Email: [email protected] Phone: 0731-82287124  

/ June 17, 2014

Smart City Development in China

Officials are turning to technology to improve efficiency and tackle problems in urban China. By Don Johnson The next time you visit Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, don’t forget to visit the app store first. In this historic Yangtze River city near Suzhou,...

/ June 17, 2014

Alibaba to Purchase 50 Percent Stake in Guangzhou Soccer Team

Ecommerce giant Alibaba Group recently agreed to purchase a 50 percent stake in a popular Chinese soccer team. The deal, worth ¥1.2 billion ($192 million), was announced Thursday at a news conference in Guangzhou. The club, Guangzhou Evergrande F.C., owned...

/ June 11, 2014

Air Pollution Impedes Executive Hiring in China

By Christina Nelson Rapidly increasing wages, high demand for qualified workers, and high turnover rates have made recruiting and retaining talent one of the top challenges multinational companies face in China year after year. But there’s another issue making employee...

/ June 10, 2014