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The China Business Review (CBR), published since 1974 by the US-China Business Council, and online since 1997, is the leading voice on commercial relations with China.

Procter & Gamble CEO Takes on New Role as USCBC Board Chair

As a key player in the US-China relationship, P&G’s Robert McDonald hopes closer relations between the two countries will result in economic growth and higher living standards for Chinese citizens. With annual revenues of more than $6 billion in greater...

/ July 1, 2012

Infrastructure and the Environment in Chinese Cities: Prospects for Improvement

by John Bachmann and Joe Burnett Infrastructure has opened the door to socio-economic development in China. Economic growth—facilitated in part by roads, water, and power investments— has helped pull roughly 700 million people above the poverty line in the last...

/ July 1, 2012

The Rise in Chinese Overseas Investment and What It Means for American Businesses

China’s growing presence abroad brings new competition but also commercial opportunities.

/ July 1, 2012