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Finance, accounting and all other money-related issues for US businesses in China.

Rating China’s Economy

The CEO of Moody’s discusses China’s evolving credit system, economic performance, and liberalization of the country’s financial services sector.Moody’s Corp.—a global provider of credit ratings, research, tools, and analysis of financial markets—rates and tracks debt covering more than 110 countries....

/ October 1, 2012

When One Credit Door Closes, Another Opens

As the Chinese government has tightened its lending policies, property developers and other enterprises have turned to private and informal Eve CaryIn September 2011, the president of Zhejiang Center Group Co. Ltd., the largest eyeglasses maker in China based...

/ October 1, 2012

China’s Property and Casualty Insurance Market Set to Take Off

China’s insurance market is expanding steadily, and foreign companies must build up their operations to remain competitive. by Eric Zheng At a property insurance policy meeting in Shanghai, an insurance company representative asked a policy holder whether he would renew...

/ April 1, 2011

China Expands International Use of the Renminbi

by Nina PalmerThe PRC government has expanded the use of the renminbi (RMB) for cross-border trade settlement, presenting new opportunities for financing trade in China and cost savings for those who buy from or sell to participating Chinese enterprises. The...

/ November 1, 2010