Category: Policy & Regulations

China’s Changing Culture and Etiquette

Face, guanxi, and other cultural norms are changing in China, but acquiring a basic level of cultural competence is still important for doing business there. For neophytes beginning to approach China, the long list of cultural dos and don’ts understandably brings...

/ July 1, 2008

Managing Business Risks

Wise companies prepare for—and minimize their exposure to—risks when investing in China. On the surface, China appears to be one vast market with a strong central government. But deeper down, China is a conglomerate of disparate markets that vary in their...

/ November 1, 2006

Cooperative Joint Ventures

Savvy foreign investors may wish to consider the benefits of this flexible investment structureby Paul H. FoltaDespite the attractiveness of China’s business and foreign investment environment, the country is not an easy place to do business. Foreign businesses that seek...

/ January 2, 2005