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Obtaining a Certificate of Origin in China: Application Procedure and Administrative Measures

For enterprises lawfully established in China and those which enjoy the right to engage in foreign trade, it is important for an exporter to know the requirements of the target country in order to avoid obstacles when exporting goods.

/ April 27, 2016

13th Five Year Plan Stresses Economic Restructuring

The PRC National People’s Congress recently released China's 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) on National Economic and Social Development to outline economic policies and targets to drive industry development in China through 2020. As companies form their corporate objectives, identifying areas...

/ April 14, 2016

How to Become a Certified Chinese Tax Resident

When a foreign business or individual makes income in China, it may be subject to tax in both the business or individual’s home country and China, which could substantially increase their tax burden. Many investors therefore choose to set up...

/ March 23, 2016

Relocating Operations: Effective Communication Strategies

By Owen Haacke Rising costs, changing demand, and new zoning requirements are a few of the reasons companies may relocate their operations within China. Be it anticipated or unexpected, intercity or interprovincial—moving an operating facility is a complex, expensive, and...

/ April 22, 2015

Designing for China

How to protect your intellectual propertywhen setting up a factory in ChinaWhen Bruce Mitchell arrived in China in 2003, he had one mission: expand the global supply chain for Pittsburgh-based Spang & Company, a precision electronics engineering firm. After realizing...

/ January 21, 2015

China Grants FedEx, UPS Domestic Shipping Licenses

By Ellen Huber After waiting nearly five years, US companies Federal Express Corporation and United Parcel Service, Inc. won approval in May to operate express services in dozens of Chinese cities, including Beijing. The city licenses—21 for FedEx and 14...

/ September 9, 2014

Licensing in China: Challenges and Best Practices

By Stephanie Henry  Companies investing in any market must deal with administrative licensing — or getting official government approval for everything from selling products to building new manufacturing facilities. But in China, the extensive, complex, and at times onerous licensing...

/ January 16, 2014

Transferring China Compulsory Certification Marks

by US-China Business Council staff China Operations Q&A is a new CBR department in which US-China Business Council (USCBC) Business Advisory Services staff answer companies’ China-operations questions. For more information on USCBC’s services or becoming a USCBC member, see

/ January 1, 2012

Strategies for Participating in China’s Standards Regime

Though China’s evolving standards system differs from its Western counterparts, US companies can take steps to participate. by Ryan Ong China’s standards and conformity assessment system shapes many hot button issues—from product safety to indigenous innovation. For companies across sectors,...

/ April 1, 2011

Product Safety Summit Shows Value of Cooperation

The recent bilateral product safety summit brought the US-China dialogue to a new level, with both parties committing to a more comprehensive Michael J. WagnerThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the PRC Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection,...

/ January 1, 2010