Category: Tax

China’s Environment Targets: Another Cost Increase on the Horizon

by Julie WaltonHow prepared is your company to pay taxes in China on the energy it uses and the pollution it creates? Despite the media discussion about rising costs in China—such as land, labor, capital, or raw materials costs—China-based executives...

/ April 1, 2012

Cost of Doing Business in China Rises

by Christina NelsonTwo recent PRC government policies will increase the cost of doing business in China, a top concern of many US companies. The recently passed Social Insurance Law will soon require foreigners working in China to participate in China’s...

/ January 1, 2011

The Race for Regional Headquarters Takes Off

Foreign companies should compare local policy incentives to choose the best site for their regional headquarters in James Yong Wang and Tony ZhangChina’s major cities have been competing to attract regional headquarters (RHQs) since the late 1990s. In 1999,...

/ November 1, 2009