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China’s Changing Culture and Etiquette

Face, guanxi, and other cultural norms are changing in China, but acquiring a basic level of cultural competence is still important for doing business there. For neophytes beginning to approach China, the long list of cultural dos and don’ts understandably brings...

/ July 1, 2008

The 2008 Olympics’ Impact on China

From new construction projects to attracting the spotlight, the Olympics will have a lasting effect on China. For the PRC leadership and most Chinese, the July 13, 2001 International Olympic Committee (IOC) announcement that Beijing would host the 2008 Olympic Games...

/ July 1, 2008

Beyond Codes of Conduct

Addressing Labor Rights Problems in Chinaby Robert J. RosoffThe attraction of doing business in China is undeniable. The country’s low labor costs, in particular, enable companies to manufacture apparel, footwear, toys, and many other products very cheaply. China is also...

/ March 1, 2004