Category: Intellectual Property

Fraud in Hard Times

Many of the measures a company should take to prevent fraud in tough times should already be in place. by Frank Hawke The incidence of fraud or, more broadly, noncompliance increases during times of economic stress for many reasons. Individuals...

/ September 1, 2009

Tackling Intellectual Property Infringement in China

Companies can use several official channels to deal with intellectual property rights violations by Ryan Ong Companies face a challenging, rapidly evolving intellectual property rights (IPR) landscape in China. PRC officials are increasingly cognizant of the importance of IPR protection...

/ March 1, 2009

Managing Business Risks

Wise companies prepare for—and minimize their exposure to—risks when investing in China. On the surface, China appears to be one vast market with a strong central government. But deeper down, China is a conglomerate of disparate markets that vary in their...

/ November 1, 2006