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Top 3 Ways to Adapt Your Business to China Market

Many American companies have realized the potential of the $400 billion China market. While some have failed to expand their businesses into China, others have succeeded and reaped the significant rewards that China’s consumer base offers, which has grown to...

/ May 1, 2017
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China Welcomes Foreign Video Game Makers

By Lauren Dodillet Last week China’s Ministry of Culture finally lifted a 14 year ban on foreign video game consoles, giving companies like Nintendo Co., Sony Corp., and Microsoft Corp. access to what is projected to be a $25 billion...

/ August 4, 2015

China Goes West: The Globalization of Chinese Brands

In the following excerpt from Joel Backaler’s book “China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global,” the chairman of China’s largest domestic automaker discusses how his company bought out Sweden’s Volvo: “We are like a poor...

/ February 24, 2015

Can China Convince Consumers it is Serious on Food Safety?

By Bing Ho, Cherrie Shi, and Jiahua Wu Although China takes great pride in its rich culinary heritage, Chinese consumers have been left with a sour taste in their mouths when it comes to food safety. With a number of...

/ August 12, 2014

How Companies Can Boost Innovation to Win Over Chinese Consumers

Consumer goods companies that introduce innovative products to the China market can unlock untapped growth potential. By Jason Zhang  Gone are the days when product adaptation was sufficient to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. International companies used to be...

/ April 24, 2014

The Pros and Cons of Franchising in China

US companies must jump hurdles to operate successful franchises in China, but the potential benefits are too great to ignore.

/ July 1, 2011

Environmentally Friendly Consumers Emerge

PRC government policies and consumer preferences are going green, presenting new opportunities for US companies to sell sustainable products in China.by Julia KanThe economic downturn has affected business operations and consumer preferences significantly. Many companies are looking for ways to...

/ May 2, 2010

Understanding China’s Retail Market

China’s growing retail market offers a range of opportunities for foreign investors, but some sectors are easier to access than others.by Sheng LuChina has one of the most lucrative and rapidly growing retail markets in the world. Despite the global...

/ May 1, 2010

New Data Draw a Clearer Picture

New analyses of Chinese census data give businesses more information when choosing locations for their China operations.by Susan Haynie and Shuming BaoChina’s more than 1.3 billion people—nearly one-fifth of the world’s population—are a major source of potential new consumers for...

Blogs, Bulletin Boards, and Business

To succeed in China, businesses must understand China’s social media environment by Kaiser Kuo By now it is clear that the social media revolution—which includes the emergence of blogs, YouTube, wikis (websites in which users can edit content), and social...

/ January 1, 2009