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PlayStation controller

China Welcomes Foreign Video Game Makers

By Lauren Dodillet Last week China’s Ministry of Culture finally lifted a 14 year ban on foreign video game consoles, giving companies like Nintendo Co., Sony Corp., and Microsoft Corp. access to what is projected to be a $25 billion...

/ August 4, 2015

A Testing Ground for Reform

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is up and running, but observers are still waiting for officials to implement reforms that would include broadening market access to foreign investors. By Lingling Jiang  Since the PRC government announced in September that it...

/ December 19, 2013

China’s Steps toward Reform Influenced by Local Politics

By Norm Page  This summer, while Shanghai residents were frying pork on blistering hot sidewalks in People’s Square, the Chinese government took two steps toward a new era of rebalanced growth and long-term economic relations with the United States. These...

/ September 27, 2013