Tag: Letter from Washington

Exports Are Just the Beginning

By Erin Ennis The US-China Business Council (USCBC) recently released the latest update to its annual report on US goods exports to China by state. This year’s data continued to show an upswing in US exports to China. Total exports reached...

/ May 13, 2013

Inside the Beltway: High Frustrations, Low Rhetoric, and a Bad Bill

by John FrisbieA columnist at the Washington Post in late September called the US-China Business Council (USCBC), an organization of roughly 220 US companies that employ more than 7 million Americans, “un-American” for opposing, in USCBC’s opinion, counterproductive tariff legislation...

/ November 1, 2010

Pragmatism Meets … What?

by John Frisbie The Obama administration’s China policy approach is starting to take shape. So far, the word “pragmatic” comes to mind. The administration has shown pragmatism in several ways. In February, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Beijing, where...

/ July 1, 2009