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Closing Shop on China’s e-Commerce Platforms

It is old news that the Chinese market is highly competitive and unlike any other in the world. Products that sell in London are not guaranteed to sell in China. The rainbow-lensed promises of e-commerce seem to be an easy...

/ April 10, 2017

China Grants FedEx, UPS Domestic Shipping Licenses

By Ellen Huber After waiting nearly five years, US companies Federal Express Corporation and United Parcel Service, Inc. won approval in May to operate express services in dozens of Chinese cities, including Beijing. The city licenses—21 for FedEx and 14...

/ September 9, 2014

Standards in China: Behind the Headlines

China’s approach to standards and conformance can create significant challenges for US companies doing business in China.by Elise OwenA recent string of high-profile standards-related events in China has focused attention on the importance of standards to global trade—and on the...

/ January 1, 2010