Tag: Luxury Goods

China’s Crackdown on Corruption and Government Spending: A Timeline

President Xi’s campaign against corruption and extravagant spending may be improving the public’s perception of the government, but it’s also affecting the global luxury goods market. By Tim Donovan Describing corruption as a “disease that calls for powerful drugs,” Chinese...

/ January 23, 2014

Marketing to China’s Middle Class

By Li Hong China’s rapidly rising middle class is too important for any multinational company to ignore. In 2012, nearly a quarter of the population—or 300 million people—had “significant discretionary spending power,” according to the consulting firm Dragonomics. And to...

/ January 6, 2014

Three Engaging Campaigns on Weibo Now

Some Western companies are still reluctant to use Weibo, but here are three foreign brands that are embracing China’s popular microblogging platform. By Courtney Gerring  Weibo is a Western brand’s entrance into the other side of the world, a ticket...

/ September 9, 2013