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IBM, Inspur Set Aside Rivalry After Partnership Announcement

By Ellen Huber On August 22, International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) and China’s Inspur Group Co., Ltd. (Inspur) announced that they have agreed to join a partnership involving IBM’s software and Inspur’s hardware in hopes to bolster their own businesses...

/ September 5, 2014

Smartphone Apps to Help Navigate Life in China

by Jennifer SunHave you ever found yourself lost in a Chinese city without a map? Unable to decipher a menu? Or just confused by prices in a market? These nine smartphone apps—available for both iPhone and Android operating systems—make finding...

/ October 1, 2012

The Challenge of Conducting Data Collections and Investigations under Unclear Data Privacy Rules

Draft data privacy guidelines provide some regulatory clarity but would add new hurdles for companies collecting data in China.by Tom Antisdel and Tarek GhalayiniThe protection of personal data is a hot topic on many legislative agendas as lawmakers around the...

/ October 1, 2011