Month: May 2019

Addition of Huawei and Affiliates to the Entity List

Yesterday, the Secretary of Commerce announced that the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) will be adding Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. and 70 of its affiliates to the Entity List. If the addition of Huawei and its affiliates to the...

/ May 16, 2019

The New Rules of Tax Residency: A Potential Trap for Foreigners?

US and other foreign businesses now face higher income taxes in mainland China following new rules issued in March by China’s tax administration. The new law and implementing rules impose tax filing obligations on the worldwide income of foreigners (which...

/ May 15, 2019

$9 Billion and Counting

A $9 billion decline in goods exports to China in a year may seem like just a number, but that total is comprised of small companies across the United States struggling to make difficult decisions in the face of tariffs.