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The status of Phase One and new tariff exemptions

US-China relations have been making headlines lately, and not all for good reasons. Amid increasing tensions, we’ll see if we can find a few silver linings. This week, it’s the latest from our Beijing director, Lipei Zhang.  Relevant links Need...

/ May 12, 2020

China gears up for the National People’s Congress

After a delay caused by COVID-19, China is getting ready for its major legislative session for the year, the National People’s Congress. To get the latest, we talk with our Shanghai Director, Owen Haacke.  Relevant Links: Need to get in...

/ May 4, 2020

What’s the latest on PPE exports from China?

Faulty testing kits, backlogged medical exports, and accusations of hoarding have been in the news lately in regards to China’s actions around PPE shipments. It can be difficult to sort out the relevant and accurate information, so this week, we’ve...

/ April 27, 2020

China’s first quarter growth contracted 6.8% from last year

Official economic data came out last Friday and the news was not good. The combined effects of COVID-19, and declines in exports, consumer retail, and investment caused a 6.8% GDP decline in the first quarter. We talk with our Director...

/ April 21, 2020

Using trade data to understand impacts on supply chains

Between the combined effects of US and Chinese tariffs, and the economic fallout of COVID-19, company supply chains are facing historic challenges. But are those supply chains moving? The recently released Reshoring Index from Kearney, a management consulting firm, is...

/ April 20, 2020

It could be counterintuitive to block PPE exports.

Since COVID-19 began hitting hard in the United States, Congress has already proposed several pieces of legislation that target China.

/ April 14, 2020

What it’s like out and about in Beijing

Many provinces and cities in China have started to loosen restrictions on going outside for residents, though lots of people are still wary of heading back into public spaces. This week, we chat with our Beijing director about her experience...

/ April 13, 2020

Factories are back online, but global demand is still feeble

Just as Chinese manufacturers are coming back online, the economic downturn of the rest of the global economy is tanking demand for those very factories. And as they come back online, what’s in store for environmental enforcement? This week, we...

/ April 7, 2020

Presidents Trump and Xi get on the phone and companies continue reopening

Some Chinese companies are opening back up, but the restarting of the economy isn’t the same for all industries. And after a week of US-China tensions, Presidents Trump and Xi got on the phone. This week, we get this and...

/ March 30, 2020

A business environment update and a note on work permits and visas

Need a business visa or work permit for China? We’ve got bad news for you, unfortunately. We’re also seeing new Chinese policies on investment around the foreign investment negative list. For this and more, we get the latest this week...

/ March 24, 2020