What’s going on with the Phase One deal?

What’s going on with the Phase One deal?
China Business Review

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Hot and cold rhetoric surrounding the Phase One deal has sent mixed signals about the future of the US-China trade relationship. With Phase One now officially in effect for six months, I spoke with our own USCBC analysts Jack Kamensky, Pearson Goodman, and Alison Schonberg to get a read on whether China has been living up to its commitments or not. Claire Reade, senior counsel at Arnold & Porter and former assistant USTR for China affairs, also gives her take on the strongest and weakest parts of the agreement, as well as what industry can do to withstand political headwinds.

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Erin Slawson

Erin Slawson

Erin Slawson is the senior manager and senior editor at the US-China Business Council. She manages the editorial processes for USCBC's publications, including the China Business Review and China Market Intelligence.

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