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Will ISO Standards Transform Compliance in China?

As China pushes forward with its national anti-corruption campaign, companies are considering standards released by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to improve anti-bribery and corporate compliance programs.

How to Handle 4 Anticorruption Compliance Issues

The 2012 launch of China’s anticorruption campaign has renewed US companies’ attention to anti-bribery, competition, and corruption-related policies and regulations. The challenges of compliance have continued to evolve since the US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) 2013 Compliance Best Practices Report, as...

/ May 26, 2017

Premier: China’s Corruption Fight Crucial to Economic Reform

By Tim Donovan   Speaking at an early February meeting of the State Council, Premier Li Keqiang linked China’s ongoing fight against corruption to economic reform, saying that the Chinese government has “too much” influence on the country’s economy, making...

/ March 4, 2014

China’s Crackdown on Corruption and Government Spending: A Timeline

President Xi’s campaign against corruption and extravagant spending may be improving the public’s perception of the government, but it’s also affecting the global luxury goods market. By Tim Donovan Describing corruption as a “disease that calls for powerful drugs,” Chinese...

/ January 23, 2014