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Banking Abroad

Chinese banks are employing various strategies as they march into international markets by Jonathan Calkins Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), the world’s largest bank by market value, received final approval from US regulators in May 2012 to purchase...

/ July 8, 2013

The Rise in Chinese Overseas Investment and What It Means for American Businesses

China’s growing presence abroad brings new competition but also commercial opportunities.

/ July 1, 2012

Chinese Investment in Europe: A Shift to Services

Recent trends in Chinese direct investment in Europe point to an increase in flows and a shift in destination countries and sectors. by Vanessa Rossi and Nora Burghart Despite a public image of increasing activity, inflows of Chinese outbound direct...

/ September 1, 2009

China and India: Greater Economic Integration

Rapidly expanding trade and nascent foreign investment promise stronger economic links between the world’s two fastest-growing and most populous countries. by Anil K. Gupta and Haiyan Wang Economic ties between China and India will play a large role in one...

/ September 1, 2009

China’s Rising Interest in Latin America

Though China’s Latin America investment policy mainly targets raw materials, the country is broadening its approach to develop balanced bilateral relations. by Michael Diaz, Jr. and Robert Q. Lee In the last decade, China has successfully built strong commercial and...

China Invests Abroad

As China’s economy matures, its companies are looking for opportunities to expand around the world. by Vanessa Rossi and Nora Burghart Chinese outbound direct investment (ODI) has increased dramatically since the PRC government introduced the “go abroad” policy earlier this...

/ September 1, 2009