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Ping Pong Diplomacy Lives On

by Paula M. MillerThis year marks the fortieth anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy (PPD)—a sports and cultural exchange launched when a small group of US table tennis players, on invitation from Beijing, visited China after the 1971 World Table Tennis...

/ July 1, 2011

PRC Ambassador, US Secretary of Commerce Speak at USCBC’s Forecast 2010

USCBC held its Forecast 2010 reception and conference in Washington, DC, in late January. Attended by leading US government officials, PRC government representatives, USCBC member company executives, conference speakers, and members of the think-tank and China-watching community, the evening reception...

/ March 1, 2010

A New US Embassy—and a Chance to Look Back and to the Future

by Lydia R. Goldfine Just in time for the 30th anniversary of US-China diplomatic relations, and reflecting the growing importance of US-China relations, the new US Embassy in Beijing and new PRC Embassy in Washington, DC, both opened in 2008....

/ January 1, 2009