Tag: Due Diligence

Dealing in the Dark

Conducting due diligence in China has never been an easy task. But expansion of privacy laws and high-profile investigations of due diligence firms has made assessing business risks in China even more difficult. By Pooja Nair Acquiring information before entering...

/ March 6, 2014

Deal Traffic Control

Navigating a deal safely home means avoiding political turbulence By Michele Davis and Su-Lin Cheng Nichols It is one of the most intense times for a company: making a significant acquisition means following a strict due diligence program to deal...

/ August 12, 2013

The Export Control Risks of US-China Technology Collaboration

by Jian Bin (Ben) Gao and David Hardin As US-China trade expands to higher value goods and services, companies should carefully assess how us export control laws may affect their activities. US-China trade has grown beyond trade in low-cost goods,...

/ October 1, 2012