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train at railway signal

China Railway Signal Co. to List $1.8 Billion IPO on Hong Kong Market

By Lauren Dodillet State-owned China Railway Signal and Communications Corporation began looking for investors for its $1.8 billion Hong Kong IPO last Monday. The company—which makes signal systems used by China’s train network—opened up to institutional investors yesterday, and plans...

/ July 28, 2015

Tianhe Chemicals Loses $3.1 Million on Fraud Allegations

By Lauren Dodillet Tianhe Chemicals Group Ltd., one of China’s leading chemicals producers, lost nearly $3.1 million in market value after hackers from the group Anonymous Analytics accused it of stock market fraud in early September. Tianhe CEO Wei Xuan...

/ October 22, 2014

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange Link Inches Toward October Opening

By Ellen Huber China will link the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock exchanges over the next month as part of Premier Li Keqiang’s initiative announced in April to open up the Chinese market to foreign investors. The “Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock...

/ October 7, 2014