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PlayStation controller

China Welcomes Foreign Video Game Makers

By Lauren Dodillet Last week China’s Ministry of Culture finally lifted a 14 year ban on foreign video game consoles, giving companies like Nintendo Co., Sony Corp., and Microsoft Corp. access to what is projected to be a $25 billion...

/ August 4, 2015

The Business of Urbanization in China

The government is preparing to throw billions into urbanization in China, but has it thought through the hardware challenges? By Colin Shek Perhaps the most striking way to take in China’s startling urbanization is to sit in front of a...

/ September 16, 2014

Clean Air for Sale in China

Residents of Chinese cities choked with air pollution look to air purifiers to breathe easier. By Joseph Luk As China’s cities experience record numbers of hazardous smog days, sales of residential air purifiers have been booming. Overall sales of air...

/ February 7, 2014

A Testing Ground for Reform

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is up and running, but observers are still waiting for officials to implement reforms that would include broadening market access to foreign investors. By Lingling Jiang  Since the PRC government announced in September that it...

/ December 19, 2013

Life in the Big City

“China Business Lifestyles” is a CBR department in which foreign business professionals write about their daily experiences living in specific Chinese cities. For information about possible submissions, e-mail [email protected] Often considered the most exciting and cosmopolitan city in China, Shanghai...

/ October 1, 2011