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Extending Your Web Business Into China

The explosive growth of Chinese online consumers provide tremendous market potential, however companies must learn to navigate the country’s spotty network inter-connectivity, dispersion of consumers across vast geographies, and daunting rules and regulations for delivering online content into China.

/ April 29, 2016

Obtaining a Certificate of Origin in China: Application Procedure and Administrative Measures

For enterprises lawfully established in China and those which enjoy the right to engage in foreign trade, it is important for an exporter to know the requirements of the target country in order to avoid obstacles when exporting goods.

/ April 27, 2016

DON’T MISS IT: Register for premier USCBC event

Please join us for US-China Business Council’s (USCBC) 43rd Annual Membership Meeting, the leading forum for strategic intelligence and insight on US-China commercial relations. From the latest investment and operating developments in China to evolving US and PRC policy priorities, the...

/ April 26, 2016
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Is China a “Market Economy”? It doesn’t matter.

The key to the current discussion is in what comes next. Many have argued over whether China meets the criteria under U.S. law to be treated as a market economy. A closer reading of China’s WTO accession protocol reveals that...

/ April 26, 2016
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Trade Facts Debt

Are you worried about US debt owned by China? Here’s a graphic to explain why you should rest easy.

/ April 25, 2016

China’s Agricultural Policy and the Urban Labor Shortage

Chinese policymakers’ aim to modernize the country’s agriculture industry and land ownership system could have drastic consequences on the landscape of the workforce.

/ April 25, 2016
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Handling Mass Layoffs in China’s Manufacturing Sector

As China’s annual growth begins to slow, mass layoffs may be unavoidable for many American manufacturers as they are faced with declining demand and rising business costs. It is important for these companies to understand the complicated conditions and strict...

/ April 22, 2016

13th Five Year Plan Stresses Economic Restructuring

The PRC National People’s Congress recently released China's 13th Five-Year Plan (FYP) on National Economic and Social Development to outline economic policies and targets to drive industry development in China through 2020. As companies form their corporate objectives, identifying areas...

/ April 14, 2016
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Trash or Treasure? Prospects for China’s Recycling Industry

In order to achieve China’s repeatedly signaled desire to be a global leader in climate change, Beijing must reform and regulate the country’s recycling industry, which operates chiefly informally with limited government oversight.

/ April 6, 2016

Foxconn Acquires Sharp in $3.5 Billion Deal

Foxconn Technology Group and Sharp Corporation signed a deal on April 2 for the Taiwan-based electronic contract manufacturer to acquire the Japanese consumer electronics firm for $3.5 billion. The final deal, approved on March 30, is nearly $2.5 billion less...

/ April 5, 2016