Tag: Consumer Trends

Changing Tastes: China’s Imported Wine Industry

China’s taste for wine is growing rapidly. A number of opportunities are presented for both online and offline wine importers. The supply and demand side trends, as well as key considerations for the differing distribution channels and challenges in the...

/ June 21, 2017

At Your Fingertips: Approaching China’s Mobile App Store Market

‘Appification’, or the process whereby web pages are translated into mobile operating systems for ease of access and use on smartphones, has gained momentum in China. As a result , mobile apps have become the main user interface, and have...

/ April 17, 2017

China’s New Normal: An Indispensable Locomotive of Global Growth

Despite the country’s recent slowed growth, China will inevitably maintain its position as a hub for investment and business opportunities as it will continue to drive the global market.

/ May 20, 2016

Opportunities and Challenges in China’s Electric Vehicle Market

By Nick Marro, Hengrui Liu, and Yu Yan When the Tesla Model S debuted in China in April 2014, the country was embroiled in a heated debate over how to balance economic growth and environmental protection. Taking advantage of the...

How Companies Can Boost Innovation to Win Over Chinese Consumers

Consumer goods companies that introduce innovative products to the China market can unlock untapped growth potential. By Jason Zhang  Gone are the days when product adaptation was sufficient to meet the needs of Chinese consumers. International companies used to be...

/ April 24, 2014

Home Shopping in China

US home shopping networks are finding success among Chinese consumers seeking safe, high-quality products. By Joshua Halpern  US companies looking to do business in China—especially those looking to sell cosmetics, consumer goods, food products, and nutritional supplements—may want to consider...

/ April 14, 2014

Beyond the Export Boom: Opportunities for Agribusiness Investment in China

By Catherine Matacic When Howard Wu’s son was born in 2009, he celebrated by doing what many proud Chinese fathers do: he broke into his cache of powdered milk formula. For months before his son’s birth, he had hoarded tins...

/ April 2, 2014

Fast Fashion in China: Revved Retail

After years of extraordinary growth, has fast fashion peaked in China? By Xin En Lee and Suzanne Edwards In November, property consultancy CBRE reported that landlords in second-tier city retail properties were courting China’s main fast fashion brands to drive...

/ February 24, 2014

Clean Air for Sale in China

Residents of Chinese cities choked with air pollution look to air purifiers to breathe easier. By Joseph Luk As China’s cities experience record numbers of hazardous smog days, sales of residential air purifiers have been booming. Overall sales of air...

/ February 7, 2014

China’s Online Supermarket Shopping Spree

By Iris Mir  Buying groceries in large Chinese cities can be a nightmare for busy professionals. After a long day at work, shoppers often don’t want to deal with overcrowded supermarkets, impossibly long lines at the payment counter, and the...

/ September 13, 2013