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Up in Smoke: Why China has Banned Foreign Investment in Tobacco

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) recently announced regulations barring foreign investment in the country’s enormous tobacco industry, blocking foreign-invested enterprises and individual businesses from participating in tobacco wholesale, retail, and alternative forms of trading. These new restrictions...

/ July 13, 2016

Quick tips to learn Chinese

Learning the “world’s hardest language” is all about your mindset and how you use your memory. And the good news is that there's a fast, easy way to store Chinese vocabulary in your memory and recall it on command. All...

/ July 11, 2016

Obtaining a Certificate of Origin in China: Application Procedure and Administrative Measures

For enterprises lawfully established in China and those which enjoy the right to engage in foreign trade, it is important for an exporter to know the requirements of the target country in order to avoid obstacles when exporting goods.

/ April 27, 2016

Handling Mass Layoffs in China’s Manufacturing Sector

As China’s annual growth begins to slow, mass layoffs may be unavoidable for many American manufacturers as they are faced with declining demand and rising business costs. It is important for these companies to understand the complicated conditions and strict...

/ April 22, 2016

Top 5 challenges to business in China

VIDEO: Kent Kedl, greater China and north Asia managing director for global risk consultancy Control Risks, explains to Asia Society the common problems related to doing business in China.

/ March 30, 2016

State Council Announces 2016 Holiday Dates

On December 10th, the State Council announced the dates for 2016 national holidays. As with last year, the Lunar New Year holiday comes with a working day during the weekends before and after the weeklong holiday. The other weeklong National...

/ December 15, 2015

Finding a Good Partner in China

A major challenge facing US firms that do business in Asia: finding the right partner—whether that is a co-owner of your business, a manufacturer or a distributor. It’s not easy to find such partners, even when you are both in...

/ December 8, 2015
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How One China Strategist Leapt His Own Great Wall

A former China market entry strategist answers questions about the cultural issues of American-Chinese business relations and discusses how American companies should manage these differences. By Ellen Huber When Den Leventhal found himself singing a near-and-dear Hebrew song at a...

/ March 12, 2015

Navigating Difference

A business professor answers questions about the cultural and ethical issues of American-Chinese business relations and discusses how American companies are managing these differences. By Christina Nelson  The problems multinational companies face while doing business in China are well documented....

/ October 24, 2013

The Ins and Outs of Hiring Local Senior Executives

As the war for talent intensifies, understanding China’s cultural nuances is key to hiring local senior Alex Eymieu Over the last decade, mainland Chinese companies have been competing more aggressively with multi-national corporations (MNCs) for senior business executives. For...

/ January 1, 2012