Premier Li Keqiang addressed important issues in the US-China economic relationship before more than 700 guests, three members of China’s Ministerial delegation, Dr. Henry Kissinger, chairs and presidents of the host organizations, and ranking business executives from USCBC, NCUSCR, and ECNY this week.

Li, in New York for the United Nations General Assembly meeting, expressed his confidence that the US-China relationship would remain stable and positive regardless of the outcome of the November election outcome. Li further acknowledged the frustration in the US business community regarding market access barriers in China, pledging that China will “gradually open wider,” and referencing progress made in the US-China Bilateral Investment Treaty negotiations. On Monday, Li also met with President Obama, briefly covering many of the same topics that Obama and President Xi Jinping discussed in September at their Hangzhou summit.


Photos are credit of Elsa Ruiz,  [email protected].

Posted by US-China Business Council