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Enforcing Intellectual Property Rights in China

Foreign companies that do business in China should become familiar with the Chinese system for enforcing intellectual property rights.by Thomas I. RossChina’s oft-stated reputation for being lax on protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) can deter foreign companies that want...

/ October 1, 2012

China’s Special Campaign to Combat IPR Infringement

Now that China’s recent intellectual property rights enforcement campaign has ended and the government has tallied initial results, companies question how long the positive impact will last.by Brad Williams and Danielle MihalkaninPRC Premier Wen Jiabao introduced a campaign to combat...

/ October 1, 2011

Tackling Intellectual Property Infringement in China

Companies can use several official channels to deal with intellectual property rights violations by Ryan Ong Companies face a challenging, rapidly evolving intellectual property rights (IPR) landscape in China. PRC officials are increasingly cognizant of the importance of IPR protection...

/ March 1, 2009