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The Expat’s Competitive Edge

Technical skills, cross-cultural knowledge, and language abilities can help expats in China find positions in a competitive market. By Abraham Sorock  While foreigners once occupied a privileged position at the center of business in China, companies today are dedicated to...

/ October 21, 2013

Global Magic

Watching a new Harry Potter film in Shanghai is as exciting as watching it back home.by Bianca PotrykusThough I can turn into a coach potato after a long day at work, nothing gets me off the sofa and out the...

/ January 1, 2011

Beijingers’ Views of Americans

by Isaac Stone Fish Though it is difficult to generalize about Beijing’s roughly 17 million residents, in the seven years I’ve been traveling to and from China, I have noticed similarities in the way Beijingers discuss international relations with strangers...

/ May 1, 2009