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IBM to Share its Technology with Chinese Firms

By Lauren Dodillet  International Business Machines Corporation CEO Virginia Rometty, speaking at the China Development Forum in late March, announced a reverse in the company’s China policy. IBM will now share its technology with Chinese firms and allow them to...

/ April 6, 2015

Tech Transfer Turning Point?

By Thomas T. Moga Concerns about training foreign competitors and losing trade secrets have tempered the drive for foreign companies to send their most advanced technology to China, but much of this resistance has to do with the reward itself. After...

/ September 1, 2010

Transferring Technology to Transform China—Is It Worth It?

Business opportunities and PRC government programs encourage foreign companies to transfer technology to China, but doing so may pose significant long-term risks.by Kenneth Jarrett and Amy WendholtTechnology transfer has been a focus of China’s growth plans for decades. This focus...