Sources close to Shuanghui International, the Chinese meat producer that acquired US-based Smithfield Foods for $4.7 billion in September, say that the company will file an official listing application with the Hong Kong stock exchange as early as next week. According to the South China Morning Post, Smithfield will serve as a core asset in the initial public offering (IPO). If approved, the $6 billion IPO would be one of Asia’s largest and would list Shuanghui on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange no later than April.

News of the IPO comes just a few months after Shuanghui completed its takeover deal. The Smithfield-Shuanghui deal allows Smithfield to retain its name, keep open all of its operations and keep current management with Smithfield becoming a private company. Shuanghui and Smithfield spokespersons have said repeatedly that the deal is a “win-win” for the United States and China, where the appetite for meat—and pork in particular—is ballooning.

Posted by Catherine Matacic